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You can download your QR code or use the Get Paid QR code in the PayPal app to accept PayPal payments.

Claim your complimentary PayPal in-person signage kit today

With your complimentary PayPal in-person signage kit, it's easy to inform customers they can use PayPal QR codes to scan, pay, and go, with just their phones. How you display your signage is completely up to you. Available while supplies last.

PayPal information brochures.
PayPal logo used on small business counter. Scan. Pay. Go.
PayPal accepted here sticker on a door.
PayPayl QR code near register for quick checkout.
PayPal QR code on keycard on lanyard.

In-person signage kit

The signage kit is a great way to remind customers that you accept quick and easy PayPal payments. It’s complimentary and includes an array of items you can display wherever work takes you.

What's included:

  • Tabletop signage with stand
  • Acceptance sticker 2”x2”
  • Payment stickers 5”x3”, 2.5”x2.5”
  • Payment card and lanyard